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Why Become a Member?

At North Central Poultry Association (NCPA), we not only keep you up-to-date on issues that affect your business, but we also help get things done for the poultry and egg industries in Iowa!

NCPA provides for industry response to political, environmental, regulatory and consumer issues. Working together with our members allows us to accomplish what individual firms can’t do alone!

We also help to create a strong climate in Iowa for egg and poultry farmers through our efforts to educate and inform our friends and neighbors.  Your NCPA membership helps us to continue to promote the benefits of our agricultural heritage and the positive effects of our industry on our state, as well as the role of the Iowa egg and poultry farmer in helping to feed a hungry world.  This is a message we are proud of, and your NCPA membership and support allow us to continue to tell our story!

As an NCPA member, you’ll be listed in our annual membership directory, which gets your name out in front of others involved in the poultry and egg businesses.  Being listed as a member and having the opportunity to advertise gets you noticed by your peers and current or potential customers! It’s also a great way for you to see and work with others who have made the commitment to NCPA!  For directory advertising information please call our office.

NCPA members also receive our newsletter highlighting important happenings in our industry, and have special access to updates and notices of issues and industry events.

There is strength in numbers. By adding your name to those counted in the NCPA membership you are committing your support for a strong future for the poultry and egg industries in Iowa and the nation.

If interested in becoming a member, please click here for an application and fax it to 515-727-4707 or contact us at 515-727-4701 or