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Did you know that…

  • Iowa ranks #1 in the nation for egg production
  • #1 in egg processing
  • Iowa’s chicken layers consume 55 million bushels of corn and 504,500 tons of soybean meal yearly
  • Iowa “breaks” an estimated 42% of the eggs further processed in the United States.
  • Iowa’s egg producers create more than 8,000 jobs annually. $2 billion in total sales, $502 million in personal wages and over $22 million in state tax revenues!
  • Today’s hens use a little over half of the amount of feed to produce a dozen eggs compared to 1960, all while decreasing their environmental footprint by approximately 50%.
  • Iowa is home to a growing broiler industry, with rapid growth over the past year due to easily accessible food sources for the broilers.
  • Iowa’s egg and poultry farmers are committed to producing safe, high-quality, nutritious, and affordable food products for human consumption throughout the country.


  • Iowa has approximately 45 million laying hens
  • Iowa produces enough eggs to provide an egg-a-day for the world for 2 days.
  • An egg-a-day for China for 11 days
  • An egg-a-day for all Americans for 47 days
  • Iowa’s egg farmers add value to Iowa corn and soybeans – 58 million bushels of corn and 30 million bushels of soybeans

Economic Importance of the Iowa Egg Industry:

Industry News:

In an attempt to inform media and the general public about the poultry industry, the Iowa Poultry Association has put together a Media Page. It includes up to date information about disease outbreaks, fact sheets and resources.