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Import Permit

Import Permit


A pre-entry permit is required for NPIP participants to sell/ship products into Iowa and non-NPIP participants who wish to exhibit in state or county fairs/shows. This permit is issued on an annual basis and good through the end of our fiscal year, June 30.

You may apply by completing this Iowa Import Permit and returning to your state’s NPIP Official State Agency (OSA).  Once approved, your OSA will return to me for final processing.

***Please allow up to 15 business days for final approval.

Please see Iowa’s Administrative Code, linked below, for further information:

Per Iowa Administrative Code: 21—65.11 (163) Poultry, domestic fowl, and hatching eggs

65.11(2) Restrictions and limitations, general. a. All poultry, domestic fowl, and their hatching eggs being imported into the state and not originating from an AI- or END-affected state must have a pre-entry permit issued by the Iowa Poultry Association. This permit may be obtained by calling (515)727-4701, extension 100.

Single-Use Permit

If you are moving poultry into the state, for reasons such as zoo to zoo transfers or wildlife preservation purposes, you may apply for a Single-Use Permit by clicking here.