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Defend the Flock

Biosecurity means doing everything you can to protect your birds from disease. Keeping your birds healthy is your top priority. Birds can become sick or die from exposure to just a few unseen bacteria, viruses, or parasites. In a single day, these germs can multiply and infect all of your birds. By practicing good biosecurity, you are investing in the health of your birds. If you follow some basic tips and make them a part of your routine, you decrease the risk of disease entering your flock and persisting in the soil, droppings, debris, and being brought into your flock by rodents, insects or other means.

Please use the links on this page to learn more about biosecurity practices. If you don't have a biosecurity plan for your flock yet, please take the time to do so, using the plan template below, and then be sure that everyone who comes into contact with your birds follows your plan. Biosecurity is a team effort. We have to work together to defend our nation’s flocks!

USDA APHIS Defend the Flock Resource Center

Poultry Biosecurity Training Materials

USDA Biosecurity Self Assessment

If you are a current participant in the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP), you are required to have a biosecurity plan in place for your flock. Only commercial flocks are required to be audited, however, all participants are expected to 'Defend the Flock' by writing, practicing and updating their own biosecurity plan. The following links will lead you through the minimum biosecurity principles, audit form, and guidelines, as well as a template to help you get started. Please contact Iowa's NPIP Coordinator Elycia Ahl at (515) 727-4701 Ext. 100 should you have any questions.

Subpart E - Biosecurity Principles

Audit Form

Audit Guidelines

Plan Template


Iowa Report Card Sick Birds graphic